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    Tommy Guns Comming to California!!!

    PEARL RIVER, NY – Kahr Arms is proud to announce that it has partnered up with LAN World, Inc. to introduce CA legal Tommy Guns to the market.

    LAN World, Inc. had a device called a Bullet Button™ designed for them that attaches to the lower receiver of the Thompson style rifles. The Bullet Button prevents the actuation of the magazine release lever by hand. Following California law, if the user needs to use a *tool* to release/remove a magazine, then the firearm is considered to no longer have a detachable magazine. Without a detachable magazine, the firearm is allowed to have the *Assault Weapon* features such as a pistol grip or flash hider. The LAN World, Inc device attaches to the rifle and restricts the user to use a *tool* to remove the magazine, therefore being compliant in the state of California.

    Thompson style semiautomatic center fire rifles have traditionally fallen short of complying with restrictions in the state of California because of the following:
    - accepting a detachable magazine
    - magazine with the capacity to accept more than 10 rounds
    - overall length of less than 30 inches

    Kahr Arms and LAN World, Inc. have chosen 6 of the Thompson model rifles that, with the Bullet Button device kit applied, will be California compliant and will come with 10 round stick or drum magazines, depending on the model. With this kit, the Thompson rifles will:
    - remove the ability to accept a detachable magazine
    - include a magazine that does not have the capacity to accept more than 10 rounds
    - fall into the acceptable length range of more than 30 inches

    This device does not modify the firearm in any way, and is able to be removed once outside of the state of California. The manufacturer endorses this device; therefore, the manufacturer’s warranty is still intact.

    The following Thompson models will be available as CA compliant:
    T1--1927A-1 Deluxe, Semi Auto Carbine .45 caliber

    T5--1927A-1C Lightweight, Semi Auto Deluxe .45 caliber

    TM1--M1 Semi Automatic Carbine .45 caliber

    TM1C--M1 Lightweight Semi Automatic Carbine .45 caliber

    T1-C---1927A-1 "Commando" Semi Auto Carbine .45 caliber

    T1D-1927A-1 Deluxe w/10 round drum only

    **To fill orders for the CA compliant Tommy guns, Kahr will ship the firearms directly from the factory to LAN World, Inc at their Salt Lake City, Utah facility. Here LAN World, Inc. will install the product, test and certify the device, and ship with the appropriate California paperwork to the end dealer for their customer. All orders will go directly through LAN World, Inc, not Kahr Arms. For more information or to purchase a CA compliant Tommy gun, contact LAN World, Inc. at or (801) 878-4880.

    **Please note that this annoucement is geared toward dealers. If you are interested in purchasing a tommygun please have your dealer contact LAN World Inc.

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