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Thread: Does MDE cycle Lehigh Defense XP ammo well?

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    Default Does MDE cycle Lehigh Defense XP ammo well?

    Couldn't find that anywhere.

    Also, I guess there's no laser available for this one?

    Looks like a nice gun.

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    I can only speak to the gun: you will like it. Very well machined and has been 100% reliable with the various ammo I've tried. But I have not tried the Lehigh Defense so, if you do, please post your experiences. The grips are removable so maybe there are laser grips out there. Otherwise there is no room to mount one ahead of the trigger guard.

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    The question isn't will the MDE cycle Lehigh Defense XP ammo, but rather will your MDE cycle Lehigh Defense XP ammo. Only your gun knows for sure and there is only one way to find out. If it doesn't work in your MDE you can always donate the unused portion to Muggsy's Home for Wayward Ammo.
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