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Thread: P380 inital impressions - shoots low and odd bullet debris in breech area

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    That raised my batting average...

    I saw a post here recently that someone put a set of P9 (?) sights on a P380; apparently the dovetail cuts are the same or closely similar. His purpose was to have greater visibility of the sight picture (bigger picture). Maybe the previous owner had the night sights put on and they pulled the wrong front. I am pretty sure all other models, except .380, use the same height sets.

    The tritiums will be larger than stock and I don't have any Trijicons, so I can't say what their correct height is but I don't think the front should be much more than .010 above the rear. If no one on the forum can verify the correct Trijicon front and rear heights for P380, you might discuss it with Kahr. I hope it is just a front sight swap but you should verify that rear with someone, too.

    edit: Caen, I can confirm the .1715 is the same height as the front on my PM9.

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    I contacted Kahr customer service with my information and received a prompt reply. They said that is was possible that the wrong sight(s) had been installed on this pistol and that I should send it to them to have it fixed. Hopefully they can send me the specs for the proper sights. If indeed that is the only issue it might be almost cheaper to buy a new set than the shipping costs, assuming that I have to pay both ways. Also, if anyone has a P380 with night sights, can can measure the rise above the slide and report, I'd much appreciate having the information as a second source. Anyway, if I just have a wrong sight it should be a simple fix, and I hope that the next few hundred rounds through this little pistol work as good as the last 100. Thanks all for your help.

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