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Thread: New CM40 Owner FTF Issues - Advice?

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    thanks for the update.

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    Does the gun work?

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    Update: FINALLY got down to the range with the CM40. Put ~100 rounds through it and had only one jam. (And it was a more conventional 'jam', where the bullet got fed into the chamber at the wrong angle, not what I was seeing before with the slide misbehaving.)

    It's still very frustrating to get a gun that was so obviously wrong straight from the factory, especially when it sounds like I wasn't the first person to have this issue. But Kahr handled it pretty well IMO. Sent me an RMA same-day, paid for overnight shipping both ways, had it back to me within the three-week period specified on their service guidelines, replaced the barrel and guide rod along with the spring (I'd imagine it WAS the spring, but of course who knows).

    I'm going to consider this case closed...

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    Just for fun you might break the gun down and polish the feed ramp and barrel mouth. I used Colgate but Crest will do. I brushed it for about 25 minutes, cleaning off the toothpaste and starting again midway through. I had experienced a feed failure every third round on my PM45 on my first outing. On the second outing it ran perfectly. So polishing is fun and profitable.

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    What is the stock length of the recoil spring supposed to be?

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    Other than a ball park figure that's probably an impossible measurement to arrive at. Probably varies a bit.

    Also the measurement will be much less after the spring has been in the gun even just over night.

    It's built to take a predetermined set. That length will also vary a bit I'm sure.!
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