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Thread: New [to me] K40 - normal slide fit?

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    All my Kahr's have some play in the slide on a empty magazine ( or no mag inserted). Load up a mag then insert it and I'll bet that slide play is gone. Without knowing the age or round count of the k40, I suggest playing it safe & ordering a complete set of new springs. Firing pin spring, recoil spring, trigger bar spring, trigger spring is what I'd consider replacing. All of these & more can be ordered online here http://www.kahr.com/Parts/Kahr-K40-K4043.asp

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    We have two 98 K9 Elites that are a loose slide to frame fit. Being a amateur gunsmith that customizes 1911's, to me slide to frame fit is a must.

    So I decided to tighten the lateral play on one of the K9 slides. Big mistake ! The slide cracked at the thin slide groove. Kahr replaced the slide.

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