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Thread: DE1911C holsters

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    Default DE1911C holsters

    Does anyone know if the holsters designed for the 4.25 inch commander 1911 well fit the 4.33 inch barrel for the 1911c? Thinking of acquiring one, but I'd like to be able to carry it either in a belt holster or shoulder holster.

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    I have a Mernickle PS6 high ride OWB holster. I ordered it for a full size but it works perfectly for commander or even officers size.

    My 1911C fits perfectly. If you let Bob or Sherry know and you want it specifically for the 1911 C they will make sure it accomodates it perfectly. Good people and a great holster.

    They now also make a mid ride which some prefer as you don't have to draw so high but my gun spends way more time in the holster being handy than it does being drawn and the draw is good. If you got bad shoulders, limited mobility etc it could be an issue.

    Short answer is the 1911C should work fine in just about any commander size holster.
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