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    Quote Originally Posted by b4uqzme View Post
    I got a couple goofy ones. The Para LDA is the one that needed to go back under warranty. But it's 15 years old and came back perfect so I have no complaints. Based on my pre-buy research my first Kahr was my riskiest purchase. But it paid off in spades so I'm happy I didn't let all that propaganda dissuade me. But you are correct CJB: buy quality and you will be rewarded with quality.

    P.S. for anyone seriously lusting for an MK45, the Para LDA 6.45 is as close as you can get. Great trigger...even lighter than a Kahr. Like an MK but with a thumb safety.
    I thought that HK was quality... it shot well, when it shot. But a roller delayed, DA pistol, with a frame only about .015 thin, made of sheet metal.... is not a good place for them to put screws, since they easily pull out. HK said.. "we don't anticipate much DA shooting compared to SA shooting". Lame.

    Everything else has been fine. Did have a Ruger BEARCAT that needed tweakage. No biggie. Hell, even Serbu had to correct the barrel on my Super Shorty

    HERE'S the important PART

    FOLKS MADE IT RIGHT. End of story. Corrected, move on. Jeeze don't start wearin' skirts over it.

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    I would once in awhile have a FTF with my G21 or my G36, which turned out be be the fault of a fat reload, failure to lock up. checking reloads w/sizing gauge took care of that.
    my G19 and CM9 are fed fed.115gr. alum. case which they devour with vigor.only problem is having enough ammo to scratch my itch. never have any problems while using factory loads.


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