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Thread: My New MRI 1911C, A Love Story!

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    It's not secret that I do love me a bobtailed 1911. I got the CBob already bobbed, then after some prayer and a little whiskey I bobbed my Remington R1. Since the day I got this Magnum Research 1911C I've wanted to bobtail it. Guess it took me a long time to build up my nerve and break out the hack saw but this weekend was the weekend.

    I struggled a bit on this one, it's like I was left handed or something. The cut and hole went fine, but putting the gun back together kept going sideways. I lost the thumb safety spring and detents a couple times, looked for a long time with no luck. Had a spare I dug out and lost it first attempt. Grrrrrr. Then I stumbled on the first one I lost and while picking it up I found the spring for the spare. Life was good again. Like a dummy I was putting the spring in backwards, the smaller detent goes to the front duh......

    Anyhow moments ago it all came together and not it's Scotch time for sure. I'm very happy with the results. The touch up bluing worked well and matched good. Feels good. Now I'm pondering the Wilson..........nah, I don't think I could do the Wilson, scratch that.
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    WOW.....that really looks good with those grips.
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