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Thread: Old Dillon square deal hard to pull handle

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    Wife and I winter in AZ not far from Dillon, I figure on I unbolting the press and taking it down to be overhauled. Bought my press used, I know it's a square deal, but not sure it's a square deal model b. I know it's old. To me it's a pleasure reloading, I enjoy every bit of it. Reloaded close to 400 .45acp this afternoon so I can take a newby to the range tomorrow morning. Great hobby where shooting is fun and reloading so relaxing! Kind of zen like. Am relatively new to both hobbies, am lucky my wife enjoys shooting as well. Today she expressed interest in reloading! Wish I shot as well as she does to...we've had a good 45 yr marriage so far, I think it might last!

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    Quote Originally Posted by kwh View Post
    Kahr chambers seem to be tight. Let us know how the reloads function. Always good to do the reload "drop into barrel " test before going to range.

    This is sound advice. I kept fired brass from my K9 separate from other 9mm brass and highly recommend it.

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    I keep a dummy round in my reloading die boxes set to max OAL and check the OAL with a caliper. I adjust the die so that the bullets are seated .005 deeper. That eliminates any chance of the OAL of my reloads being too long.
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