Hasanyone ever had a problem getting their refund money back from Tommygunner.com?

OnSeptember 13, 2015 I called the Tommygunner.com (spoke to Damon), and I ask ifI could purchase the EZ Pull Spring Kit, plus and extra buffer. Damon said Icould purchase both and the kit would be $80.00 and the extra buffer $20.00plus $5.00 shipping for a total of $105.00.

Imailed the check on August 17, 2015 forthe $105.00 with a note (referencing our phone conversation) and also noting iton the check. On August 27, 2015 Ireceived a phone call at home from Damon stating the EZ kit was not in stockand he didn’t expect them in November. I told him to cancel the order andreturn my check. He told me we just tear the checks up here and I agreed tothat. On September 1,2015 I noticedin my bank account statement that he cashed my check! I called him and askedhim why?? He said, “it must have slipped through in the shop”. I requested arefund for my $105.00. He said on September10, 2015 ,” I (Damon) will send itto you”.

Icalled him September 30, 2015 andasked when is my check coming?? He stated it is on its way to you.

OnOctober 5, 2015 I emailed him andasked where my check is. He replied to my email,” It went out…you should haveit soon”

TodayOctober 23, 2015 I sent and left hima phone message an email stating I was going to report him to the Federal TradeCommission and US Postal Inspector Service ( and I will file cases with theseagencies regarding this matter).

Youmay wonder why I kept all these dates, because from the time this guy cashed mychecked without my approval I figured there is something fishy with him to dothat. I was really nice to this guy all this time, but now I want somethingdone when someone strings and lies to their customer like he has.

Thishas been going on since August and this guy is REALLY bad news!

Thisa long thread ,but has been going on for a long time.