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Thread: P380 Broken Striker Thoughts

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    Default P380 Broken Striker Thoughts

    So I was cleaning my P380 the other night and dry fired it a couple of times. The last trigger pull didn't produce the nice clean click I usually get. I pulled the slide off and fiddled with it (that's gun smithing - right?) and noticed the striker tip wasn't projecting through the breech face so I decided to tear down the slide - something I'd never done before.

    I've read most of the detail stripping articles so I quickly sacrificed a coat hanger for the striker spring hold back. That is a VERY handy tool!

    Having read all the articles about flying springs and parts and eyes being put out I zipped the slide in a zip-loc bag and did everything inside the bag. I stuck my little jewelers screwdriver through the bag to depress the pin to release the back plate. Nothing at all flew but I'll do the bag thing every time from now on.

    Striker broken - just like others I've seen on here. Crap! No idea why but like others I've seen on here as well there has been a time or two that the striker has not retracted fully and has snagged the rim of the cartridge sliding up the breech face. I wonder if that sideways pressure on the tip of the striker induces enough of a shock to start the fracture process back down the striker.

    Striker ordered on the internet Thursday - shipped same day from PA - arrived Tuesday. That's good enough delivery for me. I'm the third owner of this gun so I didn't try to get them to warranty it. I probably should have ordered 2... That way the first replacement would never break right?

    Called Kahr to see if they have any explanation why it broke. If they do they aren't saying...

    Rebuilt the slide today and went to the range at lunch. A-OK.

    One side observation... I don't carry all the time but not being able to because my regular carry gun is down leaves a sort of naked feeling.

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    I have experienced 3 broken strikers in my P380. Fortunately it's been a long while since the last one...knock on wood.....I shoot it most every weekend. When at the range, I've gotten into the habit of looking at the breech before dropping the slide to verify that the striker is not sticking out. If it is, I just turn the gun over, and pull the striker back from under the slide. It only does it if I have dry fired and locked the slide back with out cycling it. Cycling the slide once after your last dry fire will leave the striker retracted.

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