Hi there,

I’ve decided to part ways with my beloved Kahr CM9 not because I want to or because of any issues but because I need the cash.

The pistol has 2 6rd mags included, Kahr trigger lock, box, paperwork, and everything included with this pistol from the factory. There is not a single blemish on the pistol and its been 100% for ALL of the break-in rounds…. I’ve probably put 400 rounds through the pistol and its slicker than snot and has a GREAT trigger. The first time I took it out, I shot a 1.5” group at 25 YARDS…. LOL. What a GREAT pistol anyways…. 14 oz unloaded! This thing is dead reliable, laser accurate and light as a feature…. plus, there is NO slide play or wiggle and its drum tight in operation. I just have to part with it for personal reasons.

I also have a PJHolster IWB and a Remora (w/ extra mag pouch) that I will sell with it if so desired.

I’m asking 375 FTF, or best offer. I WILL ship it if you request and we can split the shipping (but not the FFL fees).

I’m asking $50 for the PJ IWB and 15 for the Remora, although I won’t be selling the holster unless the pistol sells (or has ALREADY sold) for obvious reasons.

Pictures included… see album below….