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Thread: Worn rear metal guide insert okay at 550 rounds?

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    Default Worn rear metal guide insert okay at 550 rounds?

    Yesterday I noticed that the rear left metal guide insert was worn during my field strip. It appears to have a groove down the center of it that is inline with a groove along the plastic rail. Also, it appears that one side of the insert has more wear along the groove than the other side and appears a bit discolored. I am not too concerned with the groove in the polymer rail from posts I've read, but was wondering if this wear is normal or premature for a gun less than three months old.

    The gun has 550 rounds through it now. I did shoot 20 rounds of Remington +P to test it out.

    I clean and lube my CM9 after each use with Gunscruber, an air hose, and Safariland's CLP. If I err with lube, I may do so with over-lubing.

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    Sounds like a piece of metal shavings scored the metal insert. Unfortunately Kahr pistols tend to be shipped with a lot of metal slag and metal shavings still in the gun. My P380 had some slag that needed to be dressed down from the slide rails, and inside the striker channel was full of crud as well. Once you clean and de-burr the inside of your pistol it should be fine.

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    Keep shootin. Reevaluate at 1000rds. Your pistol has a warranty....

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    Keep an eye on PM9 started getting wear on the front rails:

    A few weeks later, THIS happened:

    They replaced the frame.
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