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Thread: Stainless guide rod for T9??

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    Default Stainless guide rod for T9??

    I just got my T9, and must say I absolutely love the gun! The trigger is so smooth and sweet.... I heard it described as like that of a double-action pull on a revolver, and would have to agree... but it is so smooth- and feels so light!
    When I was trying to locate one, I was watching on Gunbroker... and I noticed that there is a stainless steel guide rod out for the T9's.... what is the point? The stock one feels plenty stout and looks to be made of steel-
    Thanks for any inputs-

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    It doesn't add to any functionality but some people like the looks. The visible end may even be crosshatched or such. Personal preference of the aesthetics.
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    Other than the cosmetics, I don't see how it could work any better than the standard guide rod. I do know it would cost more.
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    Put the SS guide rod on mine for looks only.

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