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    New holsters and T-shirts at!

    G&G Paddle and Belt-slide Holster $89.00

    Mitch Rosen Belt-slide holster for P380 with Crimson Trace $75.00

    Stellar Rigs Pocket Holster Model A with Crimson Trace $45.99

    Stellar Rigs Pocket Holster Model C with extra Mag. and Crimson Trace $48.99

    Kahr Black Rose Edition Ceramic Knife $149.95

    Crossbreed Mini-Tuck P380 $68.00

    Kahr Black Rose P380 & Ladies Pink T-shirt $19.99-$21.99

    Kahr PM9 Ladies T-shirt $19.99-21.99

    Periodically Kahr issues an e-mailer highlighting new accessories and/or special sale notifications at and If you would like to receive our e-mailer please email Thank you.
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