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    I recorded this Fox News special with Bret Baier over the weekend and watched it last night and my jaw just dropped...Every American needs to watch this and understand just what kind of change that dirt bag POS President Urkel has done to our military and our nations future safety.....This is precisely why we MUST NOT allow Hillary to be elected President because she HATES our military even more than Ovomit does and she will continue the work of destroying our future ability to defend ourselves in an evermore dangerous world....Watch this short video and google Fox News rising threats-shrinking military if you want to watch the original 1 hour version when you get the time but I warn you, it will make you VERY VERY angry!!!
    My wife says that I never listen to her or something like that

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    Sickening, indeed. This downward slide started under Clinton I.

    Ted Cruz:
    "Rebuilding America’s military begins by understanding just how far our national defense capabilities have fallen from the high point of the Reagan years from the strength that was – and must be again – America’s hallmark. Our entire fighting force is shockingly undermanned and ill-prepared."

    Donald Trump: "I will make our Military so big, powerful and strong that no one will mess with us."
    A corrupt government tends to be well protected by a thin white line of bureaucracy.

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    This downward slide started with Woodrow Wilson.
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