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Thread: We lost muggsy

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    Exclamation We lost muggsy

    Wrds cannot express my feeliings at this time BUT WE LOST MUGGSY friday evening. He was fighting a tuff battle and was taking anutter drug to see if he could beat this lung cancer. It developed into Pneumonia and complications with his cancer was just to much for him to fight off. He passed away Friday evening. His wife was there thru all of this. The hospital did all they could . I had just talked to him Thursday and he hagggled me like he always does and told me he was in the hosptial with pneumonia, but he would be home the first of the week. He had these past two weeks even been working on his new boat that he was finally going to try to put it in the water and then this happened.

    This forum lost a nice guy, sure he was canterous, but that was Muggsy to. Thats why he and I got along so well also. I have no doubt he is in a better place and to his wife Debbie, this forum is truly saddened by all of this.

    I lost a really nice friend that I HAD NEVER MEET, but I was planning on riding over this summer to surprise him once I felt he was capable of seeing anyone. It was not meant to be.
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    He will be missed.
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    I haven't been around here for very long but I really liked muggsy. A man of his principles.
    He will be missed....

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    Sorry to hear that, he was a big part of this forum. He will be missed.

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    Just a damn shame...
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    sad news for sure,may he rest in peace.

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    Really sorry to hear this. I hope he went peacefully. Prayers for his family and friends.
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    Muggsy will be sorely missed. His unique insight was treasured by many here, including myself. Thank you for filling us in, Jocko. One of a kind, he was.
    Remember Muggsy. RIP Salty Dog. And the Tman

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    RIP Muggsy.

    There's a hole in the internet that ain't gonna mend, on account of his passin'.

    He was a tough, cantancerous galoot, but a good egg, that stuck to his guns through thick 'n thin.

    He was a great guy to have bust my balls, because he could take what I threw back, and vice versa. I think we spar'd well, and I will miss that to no end. Not a word of it was personal, and behind the scenes we traded our moments of civility, not wanting to disrupt our online personas.

    A short list of memorable quotes:

    “Shut up shuttin’ up!”“Come ta papa baby”
    “Whoa camel! Whoa!”
    “Goodbye rabbit!”
    “Now drink up varmint!”
    “Say yer prayers varmint!”
    “Now ya varmint … dive!”
    “Drop that sword varmint!”
    “Oooooo! I hate that rabbit!”
    “Welcome to the house of Sam”
    “When I say whoa! … I mean whoa!”
    “Oooooo! I’ll keelhaul you for this!”
    “No good bush whackin’ barracuda”
    “That’s what I get for trustin’ a rabbit”
    “All right now ya wise guy … Dance!”
    “Say yer prayers ya long eared galoot!”
    “I’m a Hessian … without no aggression”
    “Get down, ya long eared mountain goat”
    “Ok rabbit … you forced me to use force”
    “Now all-a-you skunks clear outta here!”
    “Oooooo! I’ll blast your head off for this!”
    “Aha! Now I gotcha … ya fur-bearin’ crittter!”
    “I’m a-givin’ ya one second to draw a gun”
    “Huh … missed again ya hammerhead halibut!”
    “Ya darn dude … I’ll give you a taste of leather!”
    “Now quit stallin’ and start roastin’!”
    “Come back here you muley-headed maverick”
    “You ornery fur-bearin’ rebel … you’ll pay for this!”
    “Now, ya carrot-chewin’ coyote! Git a goin’!”
    “Start walkin’ ya doggone long eared galoot”
    “Now get that flea-bitten carcass off’n my real estate!”
    “Stranger, you just yupped yourself into a hole in the head!”
    “So long, sucker! Ah ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha …”
    “What’s up doc? I ain’t no doc … I’m a pirate, sea goin’ Sam”
    “Blast your scuppers ya barnacle bitten land lubber”
    “Say your prayers varmint … dead rabbits tell no tales”
    “Oooo ya long eared, fur bearin’ flat-footed varmint!”
    “Blast his scuppers … I’ll slice his liver out for this!”
    “Shut off that judybox! … I can’t hear myself a-speechin’ ”
    “Oooo … that gastronomic, epicure, culinary crepe suzette … I hate him!”
    “Aha! There ya are ya buck-toothed barnacle … say yer prayers”
    “All right all right don’t rush me, I’m-a-thinkin’ … and my head hurts”
    “Nobody ‘ill vote for a flattened out rabbit skin, a-huh huh … I always say”
    “Who am I? I’m Muggsy von Kessian, the Hessian … that’s who I am”
    “There’s your piana rabbit … now let’s see ya play it”
    “Ya doggone idgit galoot … you’ll blow the ship to smithereenies!”
    “I’m the hootinst, tootinist, shootinist bobtail wildcat in the west!”
    “Oooo … get me a a mouth piece … I wanna a hapus corpeas!”
    “Great horny toadies! I musta dug clean through to Chiney!”
    “Back, back, back … down ya shark livered varmint!”
    “I smells carrots a-cookin’ … and where there’s carrots, there’s rabbits”
    “Oooo … that dirty bilge rat has be-fouled my good name”
    “The varmint got me … I’m-a-headin’… for the last round up”
    “Great horny toads … a trespasser gettin’ footie prints all over my desert”
    “I sees ya … come on out-a-there ya long eared blue coat”
    “Oooo, I’d like to lay my hands on the lily-livered swab is writ that forgery”
    “10 dollars! Why it’s gettin’ so a man can’t earn a dishonest livin’ no more”
    “5:15 … I’ll take care of you later, I gotta catch a train … and rob it!”
    “Haw haw haw haw … and keep reachin’ for the ceiling, till ya reach it!”
    “Now be there any livin’ varmint is aims to try to tame me? … Well be there?”
    “The first dang Yankee that steps out of that dugout, gets his head blasted off!”
    “Get a-goin’ … or I’ll blow your carcass right out from under yer hat!”
    “Read faster rabbit … read faster or I’ll blast your head off!”
    “No more gentleman’s stuff, from now on you fights my way … dirty!”
    “Aha! There ya are ya buck-toothed barnacle … say your prayers”
    “Avast there! Come back here … you barnacle-bitten swab”
    “I’m a-sailin’ with the tide, or my name ain’t Moonshine Muggsy… and it is”
    “Any one-a-you lily-livered, bow-legged varmints care to slap leather with me?”
    “Cut it out! Now drink yer juice before I blows the fur off’n yer hide!”
    “Ya double-crossers! I’m a-comin’ back, and I ain’t comin back to play marbles!”
    “Blast your ornery hide, if ya does that just once more … I ain’t a-going after it”
    “I’m a-comin’ over the wall after ya … and I’m a-comin’ in a-shootin’!”
    “I paid my four bits to see the high divin’ act … and I’m-a gonna see the high diving act!”
    “Be you the mean hombre’ that’s a-hankerin’ for a heap a trouble stranga! … well be ya?”
    “Oooo! Ya long eared, fur bearin’, flat-footed varmint … say yer prayers ya critter!”
    “Ya better say your prayers, ya flea-bitten varmint … I’m-a-gonna blow ya to smithereenies!”
    “Blast your scuppers ya barnacle bitten landlubber … come down here and fight like a man!”
    “Now where’s that swab a-hidin’ at … I’ll blast the fur clean off a-his flea-bitten hide!”
    “The first one is trys to get outta here to warn that rabbit … gets his hide blown off!”
    “I’m no doc, ya flea-bitten varmint … I’m Riff-Raff Muggsy … the riffiest riff that ever riffed a raff!”
    “Ya double crossin’ rabbit, ya cut down your chances … I’m only goin’ count 2, and then blast ya!”
    “Ya crazy idgit bedraggled dragon … I warned ya about lettin’ your fire get low, now ya caught cold”
    “That’s right, I'm El Loco Muggsy… The roughest, toughest, hombre that ever locked horns with a rabbit”
    “What’s up? Why you ornery, fur-bearin’ critter … this here’s one of them there train robbery hold ups”
    “Yah mule! Yah yah yah!!! Whoa camel, whoa, whoa, whoa camel, whoa, ah ha ha come on whoa …”
    “Yeah, Wetshorts Muggsy … The roughest, toughest, he-man stuffest hombre’ is ever crossed the Rio Grande”
    “Yeah, Chilikoot Muggsy … The roughest, toughest, rootinest, shootinest claim-jumper that ever jumped a claim”
    “Oooo! Belay there you long eared galoot, get aloft and furl the tatter-sole top gallants before I keel-hauls ya!”
    “Great horny toads, I’m up North! … Gotta burn my boots, they touched Yankee soil”
    “Ok ya fur-bearin’ carpet-bagger … I’m-a-givin’ ya one second to come out or I’ll blow ya out! Times up!”
    “I’m Pickaxe Muggsy … The meanest, toughest, rip-roarin-est, Edward Everett Horton-est hombre whatever packed a six shooter!”

    Then again, you can't believe everything you read on the internet.

    I'm gonna miss him.

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    RIP muggsy.
    The only thing better than having all the guns and ammo you'd ever need would be being able to shoot it all off the back porch.

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