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Thread: We lost muggsy

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    I have to admit I donít hang out here nearly as much as I did when Muggsy was here.

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    Thanks Bob. He was a good one and is still missed.

    Bet ol' Muggsy up there is really rootin' hard for special Prosecutor Mueller.

    (no politickin' intended)
    "My God, Woodrow. It has been quite a party, ain't it?"

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    I was gone for a while, back for a short spell now. This post resurfacing today is the first I've learned of Muggsy's passing.

    Genuine sorrow overcame me at first read as I absorbed every post within this thread.

    May he forever rest in peace. I'm apologetic in its delay yet I humbly extend my condolences to his wife, family and entire circle of friends.

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    Peace be with you Mugsy, friends and family, just received word of him leaving this earth plane and appreciated his vast knowledge that was openly shared.

    On a side note... there has been cures for cancer going back a long time but the industry has other plans. Now almost 100 natural Dr's and healers in a short period of time, whom helped many also are no longer with us and not one conviction.

    This too shall pass and good wins in the end.

    Stay healthy and safe friends and remember to tell those close to you they are loved and appreciated.
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