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Thread: Any satisfied users of tuckable IWB holsters?

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    Nice looking shirts but I noticed all the models were wearing shirts at least 2 sizes too small for them too.

    My form really isn't conducive to form fitting clothing anymore either.

    I was never able to make IWB work even though I tried for many years. A couple years ago I tried again and for some reason it worked. Now days I generally wear a Garrett Silent Thunder. I found messing around with the cant (I was always a 3 oclock straight up kind of guy) but if I gave it a bit of forward cant and found the right spot around 3:30 or 4 it was quite comfy and goes unnoticed by me or others.

    Eliminates the holster peaking out from under the cover garment. I often times carry a 5" 1911 so the peaking can happen. I have a bit of an advantage in that the chair does a lot to hide things.

    I never could make tuckable work, as you mention it's just too complicated to undress to draw your gun. I gave up on that.!
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    when I first started CCW, I wore my G36 in a tuckable hybred, and it worked OK in dry fire draws (I just tucked enough to cover); I've since made my CM9 my EDC/Competition gun, mostly with a PJs' Kydex IWB for both venues. pocket carry in colder months is the way to go IMHO.


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    I made this High Noon tuckable doable with dress clothes, but that's about as far as IWB goes for me. It's about as minimal as you can go. Never took a real liking to the method. It also works for AIWB, as long as your not worried about loosing your junk. I've carried many a time that way in the car. Pretty comfortable.
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