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Thread: Small, Tuckable Holster for EDC -- MDJ Custom Holsters

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    Default Small, Tuckable Holster for EDC -- MDJ Custom Holsters

    Long time, no posts... But here's a new one which might be helpful to some of the gang here.

    I had tried several Crossbreed-like "2 clip" tuckable holsters that my friends let me borrow to try out (probably because they weren't using them either?), but I found that I didn't really need a 10" piece of leather strapped inside my waistband along with 2 "branded" clips clearly showing on my belt.

    I was looking for something more discrete -- a tuckable holster, but with a much smaller "footprint" and only 1 belt clip.

    I found just what I was looking for at MDJ Custom Holsters:

    After using this MDJ Holster for several weeks, I can say that I am really pleased with how well it's carrying and concealing my Kahr P9 Covert (which preceded the PM9 and has a 1/2" longer barrel). As a 1-clip model, it is also much easier to put on and tuck in too! It is lots more comfortable for me than the much larger slab of leather used on the 2-clip models, but it feels just as secure. I like the way it carries the Kahr and it is really working out well for me.

    The holster has adjustable retention, via compressible rubber washers, or they also sell a lower-cost model with rivets but no adjustments. The belt clip is fully adjustable for depth and cant, and seems very solid. What I like about the "1 clip" IWB holster, is I can easily hide the clip tucked in beside the black sheath of my Buck Tool, and it just about disappears.

    I should mention the holster I originally bought was formed for a slightly larger SIG P224, but as it is made from Kydex, I was able to use a heat gun and reform the holster cup to fit the smaller Kahr, and then I relocated 2 holes and trimmed the leather on one side. Now it looks custom made for a Kahr, just like MDJ would do. My holster model has "adjustable tension", as the screws on the sides can be tightened down against rubber compression washers. Here is MDJ's ebay link for that style:
    MDJ Tuckable IWB Holster With Adjustable Retention

    Here is MDJ's lower cost option on ebay, with rivets instead of screws, so it can't be adjusted:
    MDJ Tuckable IWB Holster Not Adjustable

    And for those who may want to check out all the other holsters that MDJ makes, here is the link to their main website:
    Link to MDJ Custom Holsters

    The quality and workmanship is great, the prices are very good (as compared to the better known competitors) and the delivery was very fast too! All in all, I am very pleased to recommend this company and pass this along.

    I hope this info proves helpful to someone looking for a small comfortable and tuckable IWB holster for EDC of their Kahr.

    Tight groups!

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    Looking for discrete. Take a look at these:
    Have 3 different set ups and use them all.

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