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How'd you do that?
With a fine triangular Swiss needle file, magnifying glasses -- and a STEADY hand!

Once I got the first line cut fairly deep, then I'd start the 2nd one, then another, until all the lines were parallel in that one direction (cutting them 1/2 as deep as shown above). Then I started on the 2nd set of lines cut at the angle shown (note that I didn't want right angles which would create "square" areas between the lines). Once the 2nd set of lines was cut 1/2 deep, then I finished all lines to the final depth shown, which "pointed" up the diamonds in the pattern.

It didn't take that long, and as the song says "The first cut is the deepest..." -- actually, the toughest too, cause once you make that one, there's no going back. Just go slow and steady, and check your work closely, because as my late father used to say: "The taking metal off tools work a lot better than the putting metal back on ones do..."

I was quite pleased with how it came up, but have done a lot of work with files before, but never something like that.

Good luck.

Old No7