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Thread: Check out these great new products at Kahrshop.com!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bawanna45cal View Post
    I really don't care for any of the unnatural colored guns. Green, digital camo, make mine stainless or Obama any day. I can't believe I said that? Pink just doesn't go well with my wardrobe. I bet the Pink Kahr shirts would go well with yours though and be a big hit at the range.
    nope, I don't do pink. I do red. red=power

    and a FEW guys can pull off a pink shirt. most can't though, IMO

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    Why would a guy want to pull off a pink shirt? I don't care for the funny colors either (black, and wood kind of guy), but on the flip side, there is a certain market that it does appeal to. And if it draws them in, then we as a whole are stronger.
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