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Thread: Charging Handles for Kahr 9mm Pistols NOW AVAILABLE

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    Well, after all my praise for this charging handle without actually shooting my CW9 with it installed, I have to report how it worked in actual shooting. I did say after installing it, I thought the corners, at least the top corners, were a little too sharp. Boy, in actual use, they really are!

    Let me start by saying it really does help with racking the slide but even then, the top corners feel sharp. I shot the first magazine with my regular hold that I shoot all my semi autos with and it took a chunk out of my thumb. After I rearranged my shooting hold, it was okay but I had to concentrate on my hold instead of the target resulting in poor groups.

    Another thing is after the slide locks back after shooting a magazine and inserting another magazine, if you're not careful when releasing the slide lock, those sharp edges will bite you again!

    Al, your company is great and the stainless guide rod I also bought with the charging handle, is top notch. PLEASE round those corners just a bit more!

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    I emailed with Gebe last night. I had several different folks test these with grip issues. For some, as they are machined is easier to rack and was the preference, although there was a variety of preferences. Since rounding the corners is removing material and not hard to do, we went this way because adding material is much more difficult.

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