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Thread: New T9 has serial number 1536

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    Quote Originally Posted by varoadking View Post
    I just picked up PA1502 today. If this thing shoots anywhere near as nice as it looks...we have a winner.

    I've owned 9 or 10 Kahr's over the years. Still have my P9, P45, PM45 and K9 as well. This seems to be a great addition...

    The piece will not lock back on an empty magazine, and the slide lock lever rotates on the post. Not sure if that is normal or not?

    The spring is hanging up on the trigger bar...just not a very Kahr like trigger pull.

    Kahr issued an RMA and sent me a FedEx label. My expereince with them tells me they will get this right... shoots to POA like a boss...

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    Default Similar Issue with other Kahrs.

    Have had similar issue on two Kahrs. On my MK40 it was the slide stop. The protrusion on the slide stop that catches the magazine follower was too short so the follower would not catch it to push it up far enough to lock the slide. Had to replace the slide stop.

    On the other one, a Kahr T9 one magazine was the issue. I replaced the magazine follower and that fixed it. Make sure to stomp on/hammer and throw away the old follower.

    Slide stop is #27 on the Kahr part diagram. The mag follower has a small piece of metal were it catches the slide stop.
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    I don't suspect the magazines...they functioned perfectly in my K9...

    Does your Slide Stop Lever spin on the Slide Stop Pin, or it is firmly attached to the Lever like on your MK40?

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    The slide stop lever spinning is not a factor. Some models spin, some don't. It's perfectly normal.!
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    10-4...never seen that before...

    Must be something else then...

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    Pa 0321

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    Mine is PA0158 so its very early production?

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    PA1425. Bought it slightly used about a year ago.

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