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Thread: Couple of new additions recently

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    Quote Originally Posted by gb6491 View Post
    46.5 ounces empty

    It's my new upper body workout device.

    I been drooling over those for awhile, pricey. But I'm slooowly convincing myself I need one. Per the specs, SA trigger is supposed to be 3-3.5 lbs, DA around 8 or so.
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    You guys with the CZ pics.......

    Congratulations to you both! Been hankering for a Shadow 2 myself, but I've been able to resist so far....

    The P10C is a little easier to resist, as I picked up a Glock 19 Gen 5 a while back. Not as nice as a P10C, but it does OK for me.

    If I come across a Shadow 2 with a grey frame, I fear for my wallet. I can resist online, but in person....

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    I was trying to decide between the P-10c and a VP9 because they would work with the many existing mags I have. I got out of the Glock business with the trade of my g26 for the Rami (best trade Iíve ever made.) Only thing left is 1 G19 mag.

    On the P10c, got to shoot 150 rounds today and POA is POI and the trigger is nice. Itís a keeper. Now to modify my other mags.......

    I ended up with the P10c because it was a good deal and my many P-07 and P-09 Mags could be modified to work in the P-10c. I looked at the VP9 but from appearance it doesnít seem to be the quality of my P30 and couldnít see the upcharge in price from the P10c. Now I bet if I see a VP9 at a deep discount one may come home with me.

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