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Thread: Used Baby Eagle..NEED HELP!

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    Default Used Baby Eagle..NEED HELP!

    Got a used all steel 9mm baby eagle for almost nothing that has barrel problem. My brother in law sold it to me for $120.00. He used rem 9mm ammo from dick's last time out shooting and the gun jammed. The slide dug into the top of the barrel at the locking lugs. He said the range gunsmith had to use a rubber hammer to knock the slide back into battery. Did it 2 times and caused the sharp edges on all of the front facing locking lugs edges to get dug into. About 1/2 to 1/3 the thickness of a dime in size. The slide moves to the rear fine when racked by hand but feels a little rough but hard to even notice. I am hoping to get a new barrel but not sure if anyone knows where to get one or possible cause of this problem. I know my brother in law loved this gun and did not abuse it in any way.
    Any ideas, help or suggestions would be great.
    Thanks guys

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    I found this on the magnum research site. Hope this helps:

    • Q. I can repair my own gun and do not wish to send it to the factory. Can I get a replacement part?

      Simply contact the service department at 508-635-4271 or send an e-mail to to receive a replacement part.
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    If a previously reliable firearm suddenly needs to be beat into battery and then shows damage to locking surfaces, I'd be inclined to think it's time for some professional evaluation of the situation....or at least post photos of all the components so we can make some guesses

    BTW, welcome to the forums. I'm not trying to make light of your problem and I'm genuinely interested in seeing the parts. I'm also sincere about having the Baby Eagle looked at by a professional (if that's possible in your situation).
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    What was the result?

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