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Thread: Dispelling the rumor about XS reinstalling fresh vials.

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    Default Dispelling the rumor about XS reinstalling fresh vials.

    I've come upon mention of people stating that you can send dim sights in to XS and they will install fresh tritium vials for a fee considerably cheaper than a new set. I contacted XS in regard to this service. Here is their response;

    Yeah, whoever said that was totally wrong.

    The way they are sealed into the sight bodies, getting then lamps out, refinishing the sight bodies because the removal process ruins the finish, then putting new lamps the cost would be more than a new set.

    We have never offered such a service. was sent from Bo at XS tech support. Seems pretty cut and dry to me. I just wanted to clear this up if anyone else heard that rumor. Brian

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    Thanks for the info. Hope my XS Big Dot stays bright for several more years.

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    I think Trijicon does relamps but I've never heard of XS doing it.

    I love my XS sights too and if they ever lose their glow I'll replace them.

    Like to get a set for my Cbob but can't nail down what set I need, it's a little confusing. Guess I should just ask them, they probably know.
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    I've never heard the rumor myself. If I had mucho denaro, I would have them on every firearm I own. I like them that much. They are a compliment to the standard sights on my MK. Makes it easier for me to go from the Kahr to my HK, which has the XS system. Same dot the eye premise.

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    Trijicon does re-lamp THEIR night sights. I had my K9's re-lamped at the factory after 12 years or more. I sent my slide in by UPS Priority and the factory re-lamped my sights... like new... and returned them for $58. This was around 2010, so the price may be higher now.

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    I recently had Trijicon relamp my front sight of my EMP 40 as it bad. Didn't charge me anything.

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    FYI, Trijicon does relamp their manufactured night sights for $19 per dot. I just had a Colt Officers Model with Novak Night sights on it redone.

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    I've got some old dim XS Big Dots on some guns.
    In total darkness they suck.
    But daylight, or reasonable ambient light, they still work fine for me
    Usually just replace Mep or like laps when they fade...

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