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Thread: How fast should a CCW be able to be drawn

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    LOL That's not our real range, it's down in a lower pasture to the right of what you see with a 30' high bank. We used this when we were too lazy to walk down to the real range, and had horses mowing the lawn for us. Our property goes into the trees behind targets to a high bank there. When I had my knee replaced and couldn't rope any longer. we sold the horses and turned that into a proper lawn.

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    I've tried to get our horses to mow the lawn but I can't get the bastards to eat in straight rows. All uneven and shoddy looking.

    Be a lot cheaper to live with it than buy somebody else's grass for them all the time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GROTMAN View Post
    Adrenaline's less famous sister ..I think
    This! LOL

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