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Thread: Looking at purchasing baby eagle. Need advice.

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    Default Looking at purchasing baby eagle. Need advice.

    Hello everyone. I am looking at purchasing an all steel semi compact model. Any difference between baby eagle 2, 3 or Jericho? I like the look of the baby eagle 3 with the different grips. But I don't mind the older models as well. Are the barrels still made in Israel and the rest made by tanfoglio Italy? Thank you for any input.

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    The Baby Eagle II was made by IWI. IWI now offers the II as the Jericho through their own company, but they only offer the frame mounted safety version. The III is made by BUL and appears to me to have taken the grip from their Cherokee pistol when they updated the older IWI Baby Eagle II to make the III. The Magnum Research web site says the main differences are a slimmer slide to reduce weight. (The grip now seems more like the CZ-75)

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    The only thing that I can contribute to this, since I am new to the CZ75B/Baby Eagle. I just purchased my first Baby Eagle III. I have put off purchasing one because I have smaller hands and was not sure the length of pull would fit me. I finally saw one at my LGS so I could actually put one in my hands. The length of pull fit me pretty well, so I had my LGS order my one in 9mm instead of the 40 which they had. They had the Baby Eagle II or I I was not sure. When I got mine it was the Baby Eagle III. It is all the same except the grip style. I believe the grip on the Baby Eagle 2 is a little shorter in the length of pull. The Baby Eagle II has the back of the grip hump on the lower part of the grip where the Baby Eagle III has a hump the entire back of the grip. If you look at pictures you can see what I am talking about. It is still usable and not to bad for my small hands but is a little longer length of pull.

    Another thing is if you would like to change the grips on the Baby III, there are none out there as of yet.

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