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Thread: Kahr K9 Elite with Factory Nights Sights and Kahr CW9 Experiences

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    Default Kahr K9 Elite with Factory Nights Sights and Kahr CW9 Experiences

    I am grateful for what I have learned from this forum. In appreciation, I want to contribute my experiences with my Kahr K9 Elite and Kahr CW9.

    Last year, I bought a new Kahr K9 Elite Model K9098NA, with factory Trijicon Night Sights and a new Kahr CW9 Model CW9093. I did not modify the Kahr CW9 but I did modify the K9 Elite using Lakeline aftermarket accessories into an “ all metal gun”. I swapped the Kahr blue guide rod, the plastic magazine follower and plastic magazine base for Lakeline stainless steel guide rod, aluminum follower and a +1 round metal base. The weight of the 8 round magazine (Kahr 7 round factory magazine with a Lakeline follower and +1 base) became 2.3 ounces and the 9 round magazine (Kahr 8 round factory magazine with a Lakeline follower and +1 base) became 2.5 ounces. Without magazine. the Kahr K9 Elite Model K9098NA with Lakeline guide rod became 24 ounces.

    My primary reason for buying the K9 Elite was for the beveled magazine well. Since the beveling in the Kahr K9 Elite is really very minimal, if I was going to do a Kahr K9 purchase again, I would be inclined to purchase a Kahr K9 instead of a K9 Elite.

    The reliability of both guns have increased as they been used. Initially, I had feeding problems with the K9 because I reversed the magazine spring orientation when I installed the Lakeline followers and bases. The feeding problem vanished after, the magazine spring orientation was corrected. The mechanisms of both guns became much more smoother as the guns were shot. In particular, the K9 slide became easier to rack and during disassembly take down, the slide stop became much more easier to remove.

    At present, I have shot 1098 rounds through the K9 and 591 rounds through the CW9. It took about 300 rounds to break in the K9 and 200 rounds to break in the CW9. Today, both guns are reliable. I prefer the 147 gr ammunition over the 124 gr and 115 gr due to less perceived recoil.


    I have found the following ammunition to be reliable in both guns:

    Magtech Sport Ammo 9 mm 115 gr 1135 fps
    Freedom Munitions 9mm Luger 147 gr RN 890 fps
    FederaL HST 124 Grain JHP Hollow Point LE Ammo 1150 fps
    9mm Luger Federal HST 147 Grain Hollow Point LE Ammo 1000 fps
    Federal 9mm Luger 115 g synthetic jacket 1130 fps
    Blazer Brass 9mm 115 GR FMJ LEAD FREE PRIMER 1145 fps
    Blazer Aluminum 9mm FMJ 115 GR LEAD FREE PRIMER 1145 fps

    I am very satisfied with the low light performance of my factory Trijicon Night Sights. The sights are bright and very visible in low light. Unfortunately, the tritium glow can not be easy seen in broad daylight. When my Trijicon Night Sight dims, I plan to replace the sight with a Truglo FiO Night Sight (KTGNS) that has tritium and fiber optic for both broad daylight and night illumination.

    The Lakeline follower solves the reliability feeding concern of the Kahr magazine because it maintains the correct orientation of the top bullet. I have read that sometimes, Kahr guns have feeding problems because the bullet orientation becomes misaligned. I consider, the increase in reliability through installing the Lakeline followers worth the money on “carry” magazines and optional on “range only” magazines.

    The +1 magazine base has worked very well. The +1 magazine base is expensive and costs almost as much as a factory Kahr magazine. The reason, I bought the +1 base is to further reduce recoil by increasing the weight of the gun system, the fact that I prefer metal over plastic parts and the fact the I can not assume that I will have time to reload in a fight. I think that if I ever was in a fight, during the fight, I would prefer to have one additional shot over the savings of not purchasing the +1 magazine Lakeline base. I contacted Lakeline to learn that the replacement screw for the +1 magazine base is a 4-40 x 0.25 inch socket cap screw. I discovered that this socket cap screws can be purchased at Home Depot. Last year, I bought twelve of these socket cap screws for $3.11.


    The K9 shoots differently than the CW9. Both guns have mild recoil and can be comfortably used for one handed shooting. I attribute shooting difference to the fact that the K9 is about eight ounces heavier than the CW 9. The difference is K9 recoil is less than the CW9 recoil. I shoot more accurately with the K9. While shooting I did not find the plastic indentions on the CW9’s rear grip to be uncomfortable for my hand.

    The K9 slide removal is easier with the magazine still installed with the magazine well. Using the youtube Kahr slide removal “Kahr K9 Trick”, ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NsNoXt4ud8E ), the slide stop pops out very easy. While the CW9 slide must be removed when the magazine is no longer in magazine well.

    Apparently the CW9 is a little larger than the K9. My Mernickle PS10 reverse draw ( cross draw) holster perfectly fits my K9 Elite but does not fit the CW9. I imagine, I could force fit the CW9 into the Mernickle holster, but I am concerned that the K9 would become too loose in the force expanded holster.

    My CW9 rust concerns are less than the K9 rust concerns due to its the plastic construction.

    A Kahr factory threaded barrel is available for CW9 but not available for the K9.

    Maintenance Practice

    After shooting, I clean these guns one the same day. I use Bore Tech’s “Eliminator Bore Cleaner” to clean the gun. I clean the striker channel clean out hole using CRC Brakleen Brake Parts Cleaner. Then, I apply Miltec’s Miltec-1 to all metal surfaces and then dry the Miltec-1 by heat treating the gun, using a 1500 watt hair dryer. I do the the Miltec-1 treatment because it seems to make cleaning the gun very easy and most stuff simply wipes off. For lubrication and rust prevention, I apply “Boeshield T-9” Bicycle lubricant. A few years ago, I read an article on Gun-Test magazine (Gun-Tests.com) that “Boeshield T-9” Bicycle lubricant was a very good rust preventative for guns. Regardless if I shoot or not, once a week, I apply “Boeshield T-9” Bicycle lubricant to both guns for rust prevention.

    Overall Opinion

    Both guns are good and reliable. The CW9 is a very cost effective gun. You can buy two CW9s for the cost of a K9. Since the CW9 as a hybrid metal-plastic gun, I just have not developed a strong emotional attachment to it. If my CW9 is lost or destroyed, I would not be too emotionally upset. I enjoy my Kahr K9’s “all metal gun” construction, the additional weight and “feeling of solidness”. I bought my Kahr K9 Elite as a heirloom that is never to be sold and to be passed on to my heirs. The CW9 was purchased as a backup gun when my K9 is unavailable due to repair and as an additional carry gun.

    Logistically, the best choice would be to purchase two identical guns. Identical guns would have absolute part interchangeability. However, I must be prudent with my money and have to think about cost effectiveness. Purchasing two Kahr K9s would be very expensive. If I had to have only one gun, I would choose the K9 over the CW9.

    Future Kahrs

    Since I live in California my gun choices are limited by law. I would like to obtain a Kahr T9 for its longer barrel and greater weight or one of the new eight round Gen2 Kahr pistols. Unfortunately, I am not allowed to purchase these guns, because neither Kahr T9 or any of the Gen2 Kahrs are on the California’s “Roster of Handguns Certified For Sale”.

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    Welcome to the forums!
    I must say thank you for putting together such thoughtful and entertaining first post...well done!
    Here's hoping you stick around as I'm sure your input would be very much appreciated on the forum.

    BTW, I've found it's the width (and sometimes, the shape) of the dust cover on the poly guns that can sometimes cause issue with their fit into holsters tightly molded for their metal counterparts.
    [<a href=http://i43.tinypic.com/2n7fnux.gif target=_blank>http://i43.tinypic.com/2n7fnux.gif</a>

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    No experience with polymer guns yet but racking my K9 Elite is as smooth as gliding on glass. Welcome from CT where we got some restrictions too.

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    Excellent report! Very informative. Thanks and welcome.

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