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Thread: New Baby DE III .45.... and a question

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    Default New Baby DE III .45.... and a question

    Fell in love with a Baby DE this week and brought it home. Had no idea they made these steel pistols.

    While cleaning everything, I of course drop the trigger safety and spring....and the spring is now in the 4th dimension where all springs and detents go to orbit the cosmos. After spending hours pretending to be CSI New Jersey, I gave up.

    Does anyone have luck getting small parts from Mag Res? I'm gonna call them tomorrow. I don't see any aftermarket springs for Baby DE's out there...am I wrong?

    (was gonna post a pic but I don't have rights yet to that ? First time on this forum, as it's my first DE)


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    Never give up the search. Consider it a personal challenge. It will be in the most likely place you can imagine.

    I console myself with the truism that everything has to be someplace. Am I right? Although that doesn't really help much in matters such as this. I've been there many many times myself.
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