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Thread: **SOLD**High noon slide guard holster--near mint condition

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    Default **SOLD**High noon slide guard holster--near mint condition

    Im naturally left handed, right eye dominate. I tried to carry right handed as I'm ambidextrous but soon realize this isn't going to work, not to mention I do wear corrective lenses. Holster has sat around for a year with NO use as I ended us using my shoulder rig.

    Holster is hand made, double stitched, genuine leather for my CM9 (no laser). Will fit this model and all similar variants. This is truly a lifetime holster, especially if you know anything about High Noon. If I could swap for left handed I would, but they make them by hand as I mentioned and don't think they would swap for me. Asking 105 shipped. pay pal friends and family, + %3 fees.

    I could not load pics without an url, I can email them or text in the meantime.
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    PM Sent.

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