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Thread: P380 Break-in FTF almost every magazine 100 rounds

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    I don't have a p380 or cw380, but I do have the excellent ct380. I had a few issues in the beginning but all is well now. As far as Magguts, I have 2 magazines with them installed with at least 100 rounds through each magazine with no issues. Plus its nice having 8 plus 1 in a weapon I can toss in a sticky holster in my back pocket and feel confident it will go bang when and if it's needed.

    I've always wanted to handle a CT380 and see if it might be something worth buying, but alas not a single gun shop in my state has ever carried one that I can tell.

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    I was fortunate to run into one to handle before I purchased mine. I had been looking for that gun specifically to try, but the shop wanted 400.00 for it so it was a no go. I found mine at an online site for around 310.00 and a local dealer who charged 20.00 for a transfer, so that's how I got mine. I saw one online recently for about 275.00 which is an excellent price. I believe mine was money well spent. Even though I invested in the Magguts, Lakeline striker and Galloway spring kit, I find it was worth it for the extra reliability, capacity and excellent trigger on an already excellent weapon. Plus I can wrap 3 fingers around the grip and pocket carry with no issues. Whats their not to love?!

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