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Thread: Turnerís Kahr P380 Sale March 17th to April 20th

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    Default Turnerís Kahr P380 Sale March 17th to April 20th

    For those of you in Southern California, the Kahr P380 will be on sale at Turnerís Outdoorsman for $599 starting on March 17th and ending April 20th as part of their spring sale event. I just purchased one at the end of last February at the same price in one of their weekly ads, and it came in a nice case with a 6 round and 7 round magazine. See pictures here:

    Federal American Eagle .380 ammunition will also be on sale as well as for $18.99 instead of $22.99 during that same time period. That was the first box of ammunition that I fired out of my brand new P380 and it worked perfectly with zero issues.

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    Thanks for the info Ray C!
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