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Thread: CM 9 Upgrades

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    Quote Originally Posted by AugWest View Post
    I updated my cw9 and cm9 mag followers and now consider it an essential upgrade. Its not as noticeable on my cm9, but on my cw9 it solved all sling shot issues. The confidence it gave me is worth the 20 bucks. I still have some minor issues with the 7 rounders in the cm9 though.
    Thats strange, I have 2/7 round mags and have no issues with them at all, been running them exclusively since the gun was new out of the box, I carry with the 7 round mags as well.

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    I got Galloway's steel guide and spring kit. When I pulled the plastic one out, it wasn't really worn, just a little hammered looking (2000 rounds). I didn't see any cracks or indication that it would break but like you, plastic seems like it might break.

    I put the steel one in along with the springs and got a little lighter trigger pull.

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    I also put a Galloway spring kit in my CM9 for a slight reduction in trigger pull weight;I thought while the slide was apart it made sense to put the SS guide rod in as well. happy with the Galloway kit.



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