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Thread: New Kahr S Series debuted at NRA

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    Yes Wynn you seam to have bad luck. I love the history of Boomer, RIP. I can't say enough good things about my two PM45's. I favor the older, shorter slide over the current version. I have 12, 5 and 6 round mags with zero problems. All have the original springs. Wolff has an 18 coil mag spring for a 1911.
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    Well, I put Wolff +5% 9mm/.40 mag springs in 3 of my 6 7-round .45 mags. They are 18 coils and seem to be the same size coils... a PITA to install, especially after the first when I remembered to lightly oil the springs. That sure helped install them a lot... NOT! I did cuss a bit.

    I'm going to the range to try my new P45 again after threadlocking the SL screw a few weeks ago.

    I hope I get the results that I want today.

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    Finally, a new model of Kahr!

    Um, not exactly.

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