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Thread: old Hogue rubber grips MK9

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    Default old Hogue rubber grips MK9

    I am wondering if there is anyone with an old MK9 with the Hogue rubber grips that they'd like to sell? The grips that is, not the gun. Hogue doesn't make them anymore and I used to have them for an older MK9 and loved them.

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    They are great. I never could figure why they quit using those and went to the hard polymer.
    Cost no doubt.
    I'm sorry I don't have any MK. Hoping to have one some day hopefully with the rubber grips too.

    I have a couple K's but it would take some effort to talk me out of them.!
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    hey does anyone still have a set of these Hogue Mk rubber grips?....i wonder what the part number is? i am interested too...God Bless,John
    thanks in advance

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