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Thread: What have you added to your collection recently?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bawanna View Post
    If it helps any, I've nearly completed a kitchen remodel so I guess that's an excuse lame as it might be.
    I feel for you there buddy. I did one in 2014. I reused most of the cabinetry because it was nice but had to relocate half of it and make a couple of pieces. Then ended up doing a bunch of tile work and making an island along with hanging range hoods, microwaves, etc...
    But it was nice in the end I admit.

    It'll be over soon, the wife will be happy, and you can resume your normal programing.
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    That's where I am now, back splash and new floor. I went all new cabinets since we're in a mobile home and they were particle board with wall paper glued on. They held up well for 30 years surprisingly. Shocked how tough they were to tear out too.
    I think they get paid by the staple putting these things together.

    I told wife I couldn't do it, she wanted it a month before Christmas. Told her no way it would happen. Ended up a neighbor who has done a few helped and I ended up doing it anyhow. Frustrating sometimes doing standing up things sitting down I'll tell ya.

    Got two flat tires during demo, damn staples I guess.!
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    Grab a gun has a new one for about $670. So...$600 used seems kinda steep.
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