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Thread: Joined the club.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cokeman View Post
    How do you like the holster? I've been eyeing that one?
    I have it on order

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    Cokeman - didn't know if you were referring to Estropelic's Don Hume JIT, or my Mitch Rosen holster.

    As for the Mitch Rosen holster....

    It's the 5JR-EXP from the Kahr Shop. I really wanted a High Noon Slide Guard, but didn't want to wait a few months. Kahr has the 5JR's ready to go....

    When I got the 5JR, I was shocked how well it fit my MK9. The holster "clicks" when you seat the gun, very much like kydex. The leather is REALLY stiff and so hard, it almost feels like plastic.
    Absolutely zero break in was required. My CM9 won't fit it, and I don't want to try and risk messing up the fit for the MK9.

    The holster is stamped "MK9" on the back as well. The inside isn't lined, which is one of the reasons the Express (EXP) costs less than the regular 5JR. It is pretty smooth though, and hasn't given my MK any holster rash.
    I figured the glossy finish wouldn't last long, but it's surprisingly tough. It scuffs, but the scuffs just disappear when you buff it with a cotton cloth (old t-shirt).

    Mitch says the Express line isn't boned as carefully as the regular 5JR. Holy crap, just look at the picture. Somebody spent some serious time molding and hand boning this holster. If it was any tighter boned, you'd be able to read the dang serial number!

    In summary, I'd give the 5JR-EXP holster by Mitch Rosen two thumbs WAYYYY UP. Worth every penny. I also bought the matching belt last time I visited Kahrville, and I'm gonna pick up the matching mag holder next...

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    I did mean the Mitch Rosen. Thanks!
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