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Thread: For Sale---Dan Wesson Modle 40 Super Mag

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    Default For Sale---Dan Wesson Modle 40 Super Mag

    Getting rid of what I don't shoot. I bought it used (I suspect little) and then used it very little. It is a smooth, easy gun to shoot. Included.
    Dan Wesson Model 40 Super Max, .357 Maximum, Blued, Rubber grips.
    1 ea 6" barrel with short bottom rib shroud. (Mounted in picture) ***
    1 ea 8" shroud with full length bottom rib.
    2 ea 8" barrel for shroud above.
    Barrel changing tool and two clearance check gauges..
    Burris pistol scope, 2X
    Scope mount and rings, Maryland Gunworks, modified to fit the gun.
    Dan Wesson Manual
    160 reloads, light loads.
    40 Fired brass

    ***Corrected to read 6" barrel, not 5''

    You can reload with .357 dies. This gun is in beautiful condition, just a light drag mark from cylinder lock. They are asking about $1000 for just the gun on Gunbroker. I want $1500 with all of the extras plus $30 for shipping.
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