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Thread: My experience with a few of my pocket holsters and the CM9.

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    Default My experience with a few of my pocket holsters and the CM9.

    I initially thought I had found my favorite with the Blackhawk #3, and I do still find it comfortable and takes up very little pocket space. The gun fits in the holster nicely. But over time I've found two issues that I don't prefer. One, most of the time when I draw the holster comes right out with it. Two, I don't feel it offers enough protection to the gun just in case I happen to bump into something. Just personal preferences.

    The Desantis is a nice alternative. The holster stays in the pocket and the rubberized shell offers much more protection when compared to the super thin Blackhawk. However the stock Desantis does require some alteration. The holster's stiching does not fit the CM9's trigger guard. After snipping a few stiches and replacing a few the rear sight now fits down into the holster where it should and gun fits properly. Its not quite as comfortable as the Blackhawk or the Sticky but works well.

    The Sticky MD1 is also working better after some alteration as well. My first negative impression has changed. At first I found the gun to move around too much in the holster so some stiching was required to snug it up. After doing that it works much better for me. I do find the Desantis a tad thinner but the difference isn't that much. The Sticky is more comfortable to me, doesn't take up so much pocket space width, protects the gun well, and stays in the holster reliably when drawn.

    Of the 3 I've been leaning towards the Sticky. I see a few other options on the Kahr website for pocket carry and I'm quite sure over time I'm going to wind up with half a dozen or so holsters.

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    Nice write up on the three holsters, thank you taking the time to put it together and for sharing it with us

    BTW, if you have any photos of your modifications to the holsters, you can use an off site host such a photobucket, tinypic, etc. to upload them, then post a link to them here. Most hosts will provide a properly coded link to post to a forum/board. Alternatively, shoot me a private message and I'll give you an email address to send them to and I'll upload them for you. You are only 10 posts away from being able to directly upload them here as an attachment.
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    I've been using a Desantis Nemesis for over 6 years, and have found nothing that works better for a pocket holster. The wife likes the Remora because she doesn't wear a belt. Pretty comfy. I tried it, and it does stay put.

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    Thank you gb6491. I'll keep that in mind about photos.

    I agree berettabone, the Desantis does work well but for me only after the alteration. Before that I found the gun rode too high in the holster for my tastes. The CM9 tends to get the sloppy seconds of the PM9 with holsters I'm finding so far.

    What with all the different types of pockets out there I'm still finding myself switching it up depending on what I'm wearing and I feel I need even more options. I'm already picking out a few new ones for Santa to consider later this year. lol

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    while I use the Blackhawk #3 (fuzzy) for pocket carry because it can also be velcro-ed to the console when I'm driving, I've found that draws from almost any pocket holster will be improved with a little nudge to the holster with your "social finger" during the draw stroke.



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    While I like my DeSantis Nemesis for comfort, it does show a distinct gun shape in my pocket. I'm probably the only one that notices it though.

    My preferred pocket holster is kydex, and it looks like my Samsung Galaxy is in my pocket. It's pretty comfortable too, and the maker (C3 Tactical Solutions) offers it in three hook lengths for different pockets. I got the standard mid length one, and it is perfect for me. It has adjustable retention and a thumb tab for a quick draw. No way the holster is gonna come out when you draw.

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    My CM9 with CT Laserguard goes into a Kevin's Wallet Holster that slips into my back pocket. God forbid I ever have to reach for it.

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    At first glance the Kydex doesn't look that comfortable but without trying it for myself I'm in the dark. Is that rigid plastic? I do like the slim profile. I might have to try one.

    If my Sticky MD1 had as thin of a profile as my Desantis I'd be satisfied. The reality I have to come to grips with is that they all print a bit, that something is indeed in my pocket. Could be anything of course and nobody really cares as I'm walking around anyway. Comfort is a major factor though.

    I'm considering beefing up my Blackhawk a bit around the trigger mostly. Maybe sewing a canvas patch that would just wrap around about half way, just enough to protect the trigger a bit more for my tastes. As for the social finger wiggle to free the gun from the holster, yeah I can see that working but would I be able to work out that small detail in the chaos of a life or death situation. I'm not sure I'd be able to with any certainty.

    I sometimes make the mistake of putting my LCP back in my pocket for a comparison...sigh. But I do indeed feel safer with the 9mm upgrade. The somewhat larger size is a small price to pay imo.

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    It's pretty rigid. The only time it's less comfortable is when I get in my truck. Gotta do a quick "adjustment" and then it's fine.

    Never thought it would be as comfortable as it is. Originally wanted an Alabama pocket holster, but C3 is less expensive, ships in about a week, and shipping is free. Excellent workmanship - all polished edges.

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    I really like the looks of that C3!

    I've got the Alabama for my CM9, there's a little tab that allows you to use your thumb to push the holster off when drawing. Looks like the C3 has the same feature.

    I've also got an Alabama for my BG380, a much nicer size for pocket carry IMHO. The CM9 is just too damn big for my tastes as a pocket carry in regular jeans or dress pants, I normally carry it AIWB. Pocket carry for the Kahr works OK in cargo (kahrgo?) shorts though.

    Couple shots of the little thumb shelf:

    And the complete rig:

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