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Thread: My experience with a few of my pocket holsters and the CM9.

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    A year or so ago, I decided to stop struggling with an Uncle Mikes pocket holster and actually spend a bit more $$ on a pocket holster. After some bit of research and reviewing lots of user comments, I bought a Mika Pocket Holster, made by Robert Mika. I like it 'cause the price is okay, and it works. It's easy to draw the pistol (mine is a PM9), the pistol fits comfortably without any tightness that requires thumb press, and the holster's shape covers the trigger guard without taking away any access to the grip, which is small enough to begin with. He uses some sort of lightweight leather-like material for the body, which is belted with a 'grippy' material that leaves the holster in the pocket. Altogether, it holds and protects the pistol without being 'possessive'. My PM9 slides in, and out, without hesitation. I like mine, it's very comfortable, if you gatta carry a funny shaped lump of metal and polymer in your pocket. He also makes a IWB and a vest style holster.

    I just found a video he posted on YouTube back on August 8th this year, where he explains a bit about his design.
    In communicating with him when I bought my pocket holster, I discovered that he is a very nice guy. It was a pleasant and enjoyable experience.
    "You can go a long way with a smile, but you can go a lot farther with a smile and a gun."
    Attributed to Alphonse Gabriel Capone, 1899-1947.

    "Never trust anyone who doesn't trust you to own a gun."
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    I have had good luck with the remora holster for my CM9

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    I'll take a closer look at both the Mika Pocket Holster and the Remora.

    I'm still sold on the Kydex/Holstex so far though and my confidence with the trigger protection has been unrivaled up to this point. They are super thin and super strong with minimal printing, exactly what I was looking for all along.

    jbowe12 on Ebay makes the best pocket holsters of them all imo and I've been completely satisfied.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Lazareth View Post
    Oh man, there ain't no going back now. Just got my new holster. Ordered from a seller on Ebay, jbowe12, phenomenal craftsmanship. Mine is actually Holstex material and man is it both slim as can be and tough, ultimate trigger protection. Will be ordering another for my LCP as soon as possible. I'll of course be keeping all of my other holsters for those occasions where they might be needed but on a regular basis I've finally found something I'm really satisfied with. YES!
    Thx for the info on jbowe12. Ordered one of his pocket holsters for the CM9. Looks like a solid product with a 100% approval rate.

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    after seeing that C3 Carbon Kydex pocket holster, I had to try one for the CM9; glad I did !



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    Quote Originally Posted by bugs View Post
    after seeing that C3 Carbon Kydex pocket holster, I had to try one for the CM9; glad I did !
    Glad you like it. I absolutely love mine! It's the perfect pocket holster, IMO. It even fits my old style PM9 and my MK9.

    I can't think of anything that would improve this holster for pocket carry. I liked it so much I bought a kydex OWB for my CM9 from C3 as well. That one is sweet too!

    Chris at C3 Tactical Solutions really gets all the little details right. He's the Mitch Rosen of kydex holsters.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dawgfan165 View Post
    Thx for the info on jbowe12. Ordered one of his pocket holsters for the CM9. Looks like a solid product with a 100% approval rate.
    No problem at all, glad to be of help. Finding a pocket holster that really worked for me wound up becoming a much longer quest than I anticipated and when I finally discovered those it was like stumbling into El Dorado- the lost city of gold. haha

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    I have multiple Kahr holsters at least 10. I like the Mica holster the best except in hot weather. The Jbowe12 kydex holsters are almost identical to the Alabama kydex holster. The Jbowe12 holsters have more detail than the Alabama holsters but the fit is much the same. I had Jbowel12 make me 4 different Kahr holsters and his turn around time is only a few days and not a 4 week wait like the Alabama holster. For IWB holster, for a PM9 or CM9, a Galco Royal guard for a Glock 26 fits my Kahr pistols perfect. In fact most of the holsters I have for a Glock 26 or 27 will fit the Kahr PM40 or CW9 pistols.

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    I prefer jbowe12's style and approach when compared to the Alabama Holsters version, and there is a difference for sure. Also like the price tag better. $25 bucks free shipping vs. $40 (betting there's a shipping charge too, but not sure). And like you pointed out drw, the crafting and shipping speed of jbowe12 is phenomenal.

    It was so nice to finally find exactly what I was looking for in a pocket holster and wish I had stumbled across it years earlier.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jonholl View Post
    "Desantis Nemesis"

    Do you folks with a Nemesis have any tips/tricks to keep the holster in the pocket when drawing? Mine keeps coming out (CM9 - cargo pants mostly)? I also have a Blackhawk that works fine, I probably should just get rid of the Nemesis.

    Tried the silicone spray, better but not there yet.
    Anyone try gluing some type of material to a pocket holster that keeps the holster in the pocket when drawing but allows removing it fairly easy? A velcro strip, etc.?

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