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Thread: Kahr FTF/FTE Problems

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    Default Kahr FTF/FTE Problems

    I also posted this in another threads, but in case members don't look at those threads, I figured I would just start a new thread in a couple subforums. Maybe this will help with some peoples problems. YMMV

    A couple of 1911 gunsmiths have told me in the past that the wrong extractor tension can cause failure to feed or extract. If it's too much, it can cause failure to feed. If it's not enough, it can cause a failer to extract. In the below video at about 2:30 it talks about it. The video also shows how they measure the tension. The second link shows a extractor tension guage set they use in the video. The extractor in the Kahr pistol is adjusted by shortening the rear pin behind the extractor spring, like previously mentioned in a post earlier. I forgot to add, for the Kahr pistols, it should be about 2lbs tension for a 9mm and about 2 1/2 lbs for the 40. One also said every Kahr pistol he ran accross with failure to feed, had way too much extractor tention.

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    Where is this person located ?

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    Unfortunately, I don't remember which one it was, I've spoken to many over the years. It seems that I have come down with CRS Disease (Can't Remember ****).

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    After getting my first Kahr, a P380, a couple weeks ago, I tore it down for a check-up/tune-up before hitting the range. I checked the extractor, and it seemed extremely tight. But a real test requires some live fire, so I let it be. So far, with two trips to the range and 250 rounds, the gun has functioned fine. I'm going to leave it the way it is.

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