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Thread: CW45 Laser Holsters

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    Only place that carries it around here is the oriental stores.
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    Once again Greg comes through. I got me a bottle of Tiger Balm few weeks back (mind says Red Ointment). Smells a bit like menthlatum deep heating rub, wife isn't nuts about the smell but it's not bad.
    It does seem to help some too. Right elbow has been aggravating and I've mostly been using it there. Juries still out on the hands but I haven't been applying there regularly so maybe it needs more of a chance.

    Reading this thread again I saw the bit about putting some under your nose if your stuffed up. I just now did that and seems to provide immediate results there as well.

    Next time I get the urge to visit the doc I'm gonna check with you guys first, might not need the doc after all.

    Aches, pains, stuffy nose and "Flatulence". That last one is tripping me up. I don't have an issue with that but if I did I ain't smearing it there.
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    Going to resurect a slightly old thread - I love tangent topics while I look for OWB holster for the CW45 I reply to a Tiger Balm post.
    In a past life I had a martial arts instructor SWEAR by TB also and I started using it, he was ADAMANT that you ALWAYS apply TB by wiping AWAY from your heart - like REALLY SERIOUSLY DEMANDED you ALWAYS pushed the balm away from your heart.

    Say your hands hurt start at the wrist and apply toward the fingers (closest to furthest from the heart) NEVER fingers to wrist (applying toward the heart)
    To this day when I use TB I do as he said - Your mileage may vary... now back to the CW45 OWB hunt.

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