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Thread: Shotgunner thread - what all do y'all shoot?

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    I have my dads Browning Sweet Sixteen that I don't shoot that often (reason for purchasing the Tristar) and my Browning Cynergy 12 gauge as my regular shooter. Shotgun is, hands down, my favorite. Shooting at a moving target beats fixed target every day of the week.
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    ^^^ agreed! Brother in law just bought a Cynergy. Nice shotgun!

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    I have a number of shotguns, but my favorite field gun is the Beretta 1200. Minimal components, easy take down and soft shooter. My most recent purchase a few years ago is the Mossberg Flex.
    For home defense it is great. I bought it in 20ga, 18" barrel. I like the Ballistics. I have the Pistol grip, the tactical grip and the hunting grip. Also bought a slug barrel.
    I like the 20 ga, I can shoot a heck of a lot of rounds without taking a pounding. Shoots great with just the Pistol grip.Easy to maneuver fast to action. I attached a flashlight which is set at the front fore stock that I had placed on it. Had my Smith install a enhanced safety and slide release.

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