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Thread: CW380 Guide Rod--AGAIN!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ed M View Post
    My Sig P238 was totally reliable from round one, but I just couldn't bring myself to pocket carry it cocked and locked next to my........zipper.

    For a single action gun, it had a pretty stiff trigger pull too - 6 lbs. It got traded in on CW380#2 and my Pico. Don't miss it one bit.

    I still have my Bodyguard 380 though. It was a light primer strike monster for the first 200 rounds. It's the reason I bought my first CW380. It has since broken in nicely, and while the trigger pull is still REALLY long, it lightened up to a bit over 7 lbs. No more light strikes either. I'm pleased with all 4 of my 380s, and since they take a back seat to my 9mm Kahrs in my carry rotation, I'm looking no further.

    Now if Kahr would make a MK380, all bets are off...
    I wish I could carry SA pistols. I haven't trained in them, and refuse to carry pistols in different configurations because I'm afraid I'll forget which version is on my hip.

    As to the Bodyguard, the horror stories on the S&W website are painful to read. I'll stick with Kahr, thanks.

    I agree on the MK380, by the way. It'd probably be too heavy from a practical standpoint, but there's no way I could resist!

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    Been a big demand for an MK45, might as well wish for an MK380 as well. Cover all the bases.

    Pondering some I think I'd wish for a K45 myself first.!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Armybrat View Post
    Well, seems like everyone produces lemons, unfortunately.
    Even Ruger has been plagued by a lack of quality control for the past couple of years..... not to mention multiple recall fiascos.
    I bought a new LCP to replace the Kahr in my carry rotation. It ended up having feed issues. I looked closer at the feed ramp and it looked like a washboard under magnification. I ended up having to polish it out which helped the feeding issues. At the same time the magazines wouldn't lock into place and I had to shave some material off the bottom of the grip.

    There are scores of people out there who are not gun enthusiasts and who buy guns like these for protection. How do they even get by without knowing how to do a fluff n' buff on their own guns?

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