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Thread: First post ... problem and question

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    Default First post ... problem and question

    Hi Guys .... Bought a 1927A1 a couple weeks ago and have a problem and a question. Am having failure to feed issues both with the stick and drum magazines.

    I've put just about 100 rounds through the rifle and have had numerous occurrences of this type. Browsing this forum I've seen others having similar problems. Ideas?

    Second question .... the rifle shoots to the right. At 35 yards all rounds hit 5 to 6 inches right of point of aim. There appears to be no windage adjustment on the rear sight and the front sight cannot be drifted left or right. Any ideas?


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    Are you using the Kahr modified mags and their mag release?

    I had no issues with mine but swapped out the mag catch and modified it a bit so I could use surplus unmodified stick mags.

    My drum never gave issue once I learned how to load it properly. I apparently wasn't putting the cartridges in correctly.

    Been a long time since I shot it so I'll have to familiarize probably again. From the photo it looks like the mag might not be going up high enough.
    But if your having issues with the drum, that might not be relevant.

    I'm not much help here but I'll ponder some.
    Maybe a photo of the stick mag out of the gun focused on the mag release cut out?!
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