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Thread: P32 touch up

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    You have a solution for every need. Nice work.
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    Hey folks,
    Thank you all for your comments, they are very much appreciated
    I'd also like to doubly thank those who shared their P32 experiences as I find that an interesting read.
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    It looks good. I have one that serves the same purposes as yours, bug or primary in the situations you noted.

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    When my wife was restoring her Mustang, all the way down to the last nut and bolt, she was doing something she called phosphating.

    "What?!," I asked her. That looks like something you'd see on a gun.

    I looked it up, and back in the day, Ford had indeed Parkerized some of their hardware. Of course I had to experiment on some parts from unimportant guns. It turns out that it's as easy as boiling an egg. You buy the liquid in a quart or whatever. Make a mixture with distilled water, and bring it to near boiling on the stove. Your part should be prepped appropriately... abrasive blasting is nice... and left to stew in the soup. For a nicer finish, you can take out the part and hit it with stainless steel wool, then cook it again. It's kinda fun, and not at all expensive.

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    Sweet another P32 fan, i have gen1 and 2, carry the gen2 25/8 with spare mag... even carry in pajamas around the house.... have over 1k rounds through the gen 2 and never had a hiccup, even handload this round....

    mine is battle worn a bit as ive carried it 2 or 3 yrs now no rust whatsoever, your parker/paint job is looking great.. personally i think im growing more found of the slight wear i have, wished it were more warn 😁 Ive really just beat this thing and it just keeps on keeping on, sweat, drywall dust, lint doesnt matter... flawless

    i carry fiocchi 73gr... i carry with belt clip no holster, sometimes in pocket but mostly at 4...its the only gun ive EVER owned that i can say you dont even know its there
    RIP Muggsy

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