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    I like my Teltor Tactical T-fit ankle, holster
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    I think I'm going to look into getting a ankle holster for the PM9 for when I'm at work. I usually carry a G26 but I'm grabbing the Kahr more and more often because it just so much lighter. It doesn't drag my shorts down.

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    Took my PM9 to the range yesterday for the first time in a few years. It performed flawlessly as it has since I bought it. The reason I put it away in the safe for so long is I was having rust issues. I live in Florida and we sweat year round. My mag spring and slide stop post that goes through the gun rusts on me. Its been a few years since i carried it but my question is " has Kahr or any aftermarket company made rust resistant parts for these yet? Id really like to carry this again but hate the rust issue. It even makes the mag button stick after about a week. I dont have this problem with any of my other pistols, even a cheap KelTec P3AT that I sometimes pocket carry doing yard work. I have heard theres been a fix for the rounds falling out of the mag in your pocket and thats a big plus.
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    My CM9 did that until I smoothed the corners with a Dremel and some 600 grit. The feed lips can be a little rough too as I start getting towards 100 rounds.

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