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Thread: new cm9! trigger pin walking

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    Default new cm9! trigger pin walking

    Okay shot brand new CM9 today 200 rounds with Lakeline followers without a single issue or problem! Feeding or extracting Etc. But I did notice when I got home trigger pin had slightly moved out it was flush or under the plastic before and now was slightly coming out!!! Did not come out or stop firearm from working! Question... is it normal for it to move a little bit!... since I've read people on here complaining about their trigger almost coming out!
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    It's not the norm with mine. Good luck. I'm sure Kahr will make things right.

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    I had the same problem with my PM9 when it was new. Kahr took it back, and the repair required a frame replacement. That requires a new serial number, so (this being California) the gun couldn't be sent directly back to me. It had to go to my FFL and the whole rigmarole of re-registering it and doing the 10-day waiting period had to be endured. That was worth it. 👍

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    Not the norm IMO, but there have been some reports of it on the forum (though I can't remember ever reading any complaints about the trigger almost coming out).
    First, inspect the area around the pin for any cracks. If there are any it will need to go back to Kahr.
    Then look for this pin:

    If it is sitting a little proud of the frame, tap the trigger axis pin back flush then drive the pin in the photo into the frame. There is supposed to be a small groove on the axis pin that the small pin should intersect with to prevent the axis pin from walking.

    If the small pin looks like it is in place correctly, I think I would just tap the the trigger axis pin back flush and keep on eye on it.

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    Default my case! Not too worried about it now unless it gets worse! If it didn't come out in 200 rounds I doubt it's going to come out! in 7 rounds for self defense I was just worried if it would get worse in the long run! And as far as the pin walking out... theres plenty of Reports online about it unless people are exaggerating! ;0)
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    how often would the walking pin be removed? if not often, would a drop of blue lock-tite work for a easy fix?



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    I would not use blue Loctite there's Loctite for plastic I believe it's loctite 425 plastic friendly.... but I would if I had too.... from what I've read loctite 242 and 271 eat some Plastics
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    I've heard of a few just putting a drop of super glue, or Gorilla Glue on the pin with good success.!
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    Loctite Blue is not glue. It's an anaerobic thread binder. That means it works in the absence of oxygen like you would get in the threads of a tightened fastener. I'd use pretty much anything except Loctite Blue.

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